Local Headed to Rolex

Fox 33 News KMSS Shreveport interviewed Julie om March 26th! This from Reporter Annie Anderson;

“Benton, La (KMSS) — A Rolex has long been on my holiday wish list, but I never considered a horse competition to get one.

That’s just how Shreveport’s Julie Norman might get hers, competing in the Rolex Kentucky 3 day in April. Norman can’t wait for her chance to compete, saying “I’ve been trying to qualify for this for years. It’s pretty. It’s a big honor I guess to even get qualified for it. It’s one of only 4 4-stars in the world,and it’s the only one in the Americas.”

While a Rolex would be a great prize, that wasn’t what got Norman into riding. It’s a family tradition. “Well, my uncle had race horses, so I’ve been around horses ever since I was born, and then my mom actually did barrel racing. My parents bought me a little pony of course, that’s where we started.”

Now, that pony is retired and Thomas is Norman’s main man. “I’ve had him for about 5 and a half years. He actually had a bucking problem when I bought him. So he just, whenever you’d ask for him to go, he would just start bucking. And so I was like, I can fix him no problem.”

And she did. Now, Thomas is a champion horse, and Norman a championship horse competitor.

That might is true, but can she teach somebody who might possibly be the most uncoordinated person ever how to ride?

Somehow she managed to. I rode circles around the ring. My trouble came when I tried to get off the horse. Those guys are tall. I think I should let Norman stick to competitions, and I’ll stick to cheering her on from the sidelines.

And that’s just another reason I love the Ark-La-Tex.”

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